AL FIBRA GLOBE’s mission can be summarised in three essential keywords:

AL FIBRA GLOBE’s experience is linked to the number of years since its foundation, but also and above all to the work, passion and determination that have characterised the time spent inside and outside the company. 

AL FIBRA GLOBE quality is ‘everywhere’…
in the selection, choice and insertion within the Team of qualified personnel capable of mixing the experience of veterans with the energy of young recruits;
in the continuous search for innovative materials and effective solutions, capable of responding to all the requirements of the commercial channels;
in the presence of a customer care team always ready to assist customers at all stages, from the choice of products that best meet the needs of their business to after-sales support.

AL FIBRA GLOBE’s sustainability looks to the future: 
the future of the environment, which it is committed to protecting by adopting safeguarding systems such as recyclability of materials, use of renewable energy and everything that determines ecological support;
the future of the company and the staff who are an integral part of it, investing in production and commercial strategies that can ensure professional continuity and personal well-being.


We support your work, made up of hospitality, people rummaging through confused voices, animated discussions, granting discounts on already competitive prices. A job full of sacrifices rewarded by these rituals that take place and are renewed every day in different places.

We simplify your choice, guaranteeing the safety and stability of the structures, the wide range of products to choose from, the customisation capable of combining comfort and functionality with the potential of the communication tool.

We support your projects, so that the constant research and the continuous drive for innovation can turn into the right answer to your needs.

So that the decision to rely on us can be the perfect choice for your business.

Salvatore Cozzolino